The Frugal Way Of Cleaning

angie harris

With all of today’s technological advances in…well, practically everything, sometimes you find what works best is a method that was used before the industrial revolution. Today, I came across an article from Yahoo called “25 Ways To Clean With Vinegar. The article basically has a list of things you can clean with vinegar. For example, you can use vinegar as an oven degreaser or to remove hard water deposits. Also, vinegar is considerably cheaper than the leading cleaning solutions on the market.

This got me thinking about other, different ways to use non-toxic household products. Another good example is baking soda! Not only does it keep unpleasant odors out of the freezer and refrigerator – or even put out the occasional grease fire – but baking soda has many other uses as well. For example, you can use baking soda to avoid clogged drains and as a multi-purpose cleaning agent!

I remember some years back there was a show on PBS called Haley’s Hints, which offered inexpensive and unique tips for cleaning and organizing. Of course, due to the wonders of the internet, there are also some good websites out there that offer a lot of helpful tips for cleaning and organizing. My favorite website is, “The Frugal Life: Living Well with What You Have.” Especially in today’s economy, where money is scarce for everyone, these small things can be a huge money saver. Not only that, but it teaches you to respect what you already have.
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