The Day We Share How Much We Love Each Other

Anatara Buckley

That’s a mouthful — “the Day We Share How Much We Love Each Other”…

As I write this, my heart is filling. I can feel the Love bubble up through my chest and into my throat as my head expands into the space of Love all around me.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas. For so many years, I have wanted to be able to express what it means to me. Is it Love? Is it all about Love? It is not just the belief — that a saviour was born to protect us from something within ourselves — that delivers the modern idea and feeling of Christmas. We are invited to believe in the idea that there is an all-Loving being. A being, a moment in time, a day every year, when we are drawn out of our usual days to express profound Love and divine connection with all of earth kind.

We are afforded the opportunity, by custom and tradition — no matter our particular religious focus — to think about, acknowledge and give to the people closest to us, the people that we truly Love.

Whatever we share, whatever it is that we give to one another, it is Love that is behind it. At this time of year, I come alive with the Love. I come alive with the blessing of my community on earth, large and small, to share this Love. We are encouraged by tradition to share and to give. And as we tap into the purity of this Love, it blesses us with all of the resources of the heart that we will allow to flow.

As I watch my Grandchildren prepare for Santa’s arrival, I acknowledge the depth and beauty of the belief deep within them, that there is an all- knowing, completely benevolent Angel of Love who watches over them. Santa Claus, a magical Angel who can fly around the whole earth in one night, sharing with everyone, sharing and delivering LOVE.

It seems that the message we give to each other, and the ways through which we celebrate this magical event, are not always directed at the truth of what Christmas really is. But what if we accept that most of what we do is truly derived from Love? And that, as we share, it is the essence of Love that we broadcast.

It is my prayer and my belief that it is only the Love that truly matters. It is only the Love that we need to focus on as we gift each other, and celebrate our unity through sharing and feasting together.

Is your heart wide open? Look for the Love in everything you do this season. Celebrate every opportunity to see, share and receive Love in all of its myriad presentations…

I share my Love of each and every one of you, right here, right now. Blessings in this time of Light,

Author: Anatara Buckley

Anatara has been offering intuitive readings, “Angel Listenings”, and spiritual counsel for over 25 years to clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Aware of angelic beings communicating with her since her childhood years in Boston,

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