Teens Who Teach Yoga

Paloma Chavez

teenswhoteach.jpgAs we are on the subject of teaching yoga, we came across this group of teen sisters whose commitment to yoga is all about sharing it with their friends and peers.

Lauren, Emily and Jessica Parsons were introduced to yoga from their parents, who are also yoga teachers in the Santa Barbara area. As parents they wanted their children to learn the benefits of yoga from an early age, so as part of their home schooling,

their mother Sue Anne included a yoga teachers training curriculum as part of their daily studies.

Now as young teens they have taken their practice one step further – teaching it to others. On a typical day at their family home studio, the girls will be leading a class in meditation, and Hatha yoga, as well as engaging in an open dialogue about their common issues as teens.

Locally, they have made a difference in the lives of their friends and families, by offering sessions to community centers, youth groups, and the public school system. In 2006, with their parents they created a DVD called Yoga by Teens which offers Hatha poses for beginners and teens and is lead by one of the teens, with commentary by the other. Also unique to the DVD is the choice between standing, floor or seated classes as well as a list of yoga terms.
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