Educating a Yoga Teacher

Paloma Chavez

This month’s LA Yoga magazine is offering a comprehensive and personal insight into the training of a yoga teacher, perhaps your yoga teacher. Even though Felicia M Tomasko, the editor of LA Yoga, writes that she regrets not having enough pages to include all the teachers she admired, you will find that they have done a great service to the field by publishing this annual look at the training of yoga teachers.

And even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you can read a few of the articles, in their entirety, on their website.  Here are a couple of highlights from the magazine, we found it to be a valuable resource that is sure to offer you options and answers.

The Lifelong Path of a Teacher by Amy Wong
In this article she explores the reality that even after getting one’s certification it is still a lifelong process. She also poses the question on how this path requires a spiritual commitment as well as a physical one.

Teacher Training: Questioning Teachers
LA Yoga asked ten teachers to respond to a specific question about their own practice. These questions range from “Who inspired you to start teaching and why?” to “What is the importance of seva (service) for yoga teachers in training?” Some of the teachers that were interviewed are  Shatka Kaur Kezios, Owner, Director of  Kundalini Yoga in the Loop, Erich Schiffman, Teacher and Teacher Trainer at Exhale, Rajshree Choudhury, Bikram Yoga College of India.

Other online articles include an interview with Beryl Bender Birch, Teacher Training: Beginner’s Mind, Teacher’s Mind- A teacher goes back to school, as well as other resources to help find a teacher training program in your area.

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One Response to “Educating a Yoga Teacher”

  1. Life long process heh,

    I would propose that the process of yoga teaching instruction lasts over several lifetimes.

    Our souls continue to evolve over incarnations. Teacher training over this course of this life time is but the blink of the eye, to the countless cycles.

    Okay one could try to count them, but the numbers get really big really fast 😉

    I start formal teacher training in this lifetime in October. Allow me to restate that, I start physical plane, association recognized teacher training in this lifetime in October.

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