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madoka kasahara

MK_mountain_01.02.09.JPGI’ve been hearing that the weather this year, at about this time, all around the world is different from the last decade, or colder than ever before. Do you notice this in your town too? Here in LA, I was prepared for a huge storm on Christmas, but we just had a little bit of rain in my area that day. It still felt cooler than previous winters.

The very next morning, for an hour, I walked Brisa, a dog that I was sitting for the holidays. Because of the rain, the sky was clear and the air was clean, not to mention, a little chilly. I think it’s the best condition to have a long walk.

Where she lives is a nice residential area surrounded by trees on a hill. We can see snow on top of some mountains far north along our path. Those white mountaintops especially stand out in the clear sky.

I haven’t walked on hills for a long time. Because there are a lot of ups and downs on our route, I always find it hard to walk with Brisa on the first day. This time was a little different. I really enjoyed breathing the clean air while watching such an incredible view of the mountains. The chilly weather also helped to cool down my body while walking.

Since the economy has taken a down turn and I’d been so busy preparing for the holiday season, I had been mentally and physically tired. I have missed such nice walks and looking at nature that had been so close to me. This is the meditation that I’ve been enjoying for the last few days.

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