Walking in Darkness

Margaret Kruszewska

Even though sunset today was at 4:50 pm, I kept on walking.  It gets dark quickly now, days before winter solstice. So my vigorous 5 mile walk felt very dramatic as the trees and bushes I’ve become familiar with became unrecognizable in the dark.  The line between the road and the tree roots was blurred and the afternoon rain storm had painted a blue tinge  on the sidewalk ahead of me. 

Despite everything I’ve been warned against – I’ve always enjoyed walking in the dark.  So I did not experience fear or suspicion.  I did not jump when I heard footsteps behind me – it was another woman walking also.   Nor was I seeking an adrenaline rush, a thrill, or experiencing a moment of defiance.

It felt very natural actually, as I noticed which animals were about (of course the cats were just getting ready for their time!).  The winter scents were vivid and different from those I smelled on a warm summer afternoon.   And although it was very still, there was a kind of hum that differed from day time sounds.

Many folks insist that their instinct in winter time is to just stay bundled up inside, away from the elements.  But there is also something very primal about experiencing the beauty of winter’s darkness on your skin.

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