Sunscreen Accelerates Cancer. What’s New?

elbert traister

Wow. This article just invoked all kinds of emotions in me. Frustration. Anxiety. Awkwardness. Confusion. Once all that passed though, there was a strange calm that I experienced. I mean, really, does news like this “shock” anyone anymore? While that fact is sad in and of itself, it seems that every time I turn around, something new causes cancer. Mother Nature is not so easily rebuffed, as she can be as brutal as she is beautiful.

This just brings me back to the fact that for all our efforts, mankind’s ability to circumvent the way our body responds to nature is still limited in many ways. This news comes nearly 75 years after the invention of sunscreen in 1936. It would be interesting to read the news 75 years from today to see what things that we think are good for us today actually turn out to be bad for us.

Of course, the world doesn’t come crashing down with this news. Indeed, it’s just a reminder that we all need perspective in life, so we may effectively discern what is genuinely important. Otherwise, we may end up not getting what we want out of life, or not living at all.

And just to show I’m not just a harbinger of bad news, my mom actually sent me this other link. I’m not sure what’s funnier, the post itself, or the fact that my mom actually sends me stuff like this.

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