Sun Salute as Perfect Warm-Up

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_Sun-Salute.JPGWhen I know I won’t have time for a full yoga class or session, I try to do 1-3 full Sun Salutes. These yoga stretches warm up all the back muscles as you move through a series of forward and back bends. The sequence and variations may differ according to the yoga teacher or yoga class but almost all hatha yoga sessions include several rounds of the Sun Salutations, also called Surya Namaskar.

A teacher of mine once suggested doing one round every hour during the day! What a great idea – not only to get in touch with your breathing body but also to stop whatever madness we’re in and “salute” the sun! And there is also a “moon salute” version!

Once you’ve done one or two or these you’ll understand how complete they are in awakening our energy.

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