Spring in Your Step

jane dagny

Spring TulipsDon’t you love it when you wake up in the morning and it’s Spring? I find that my day goes so much better when I start it off seeing sunlight. I love the feeling of a bit of sun touching my skin. Do you feel that way too?

And when you’re on the road traveling from point A to point B, you find that all your favorite songs are playing on the radio. You don’t even have to select a playlist. Suddenly, you feel extra thankful for everything you have.  And you’re more pleasant when approaching the tasks at hand.

Before you know it, old friends find you on Facebook and people call you out of the blue just to say they’re thinking of you. They miss you and want you to fly out and visit them.

Don’t you just love those days? If you are not having the same kind of day (believe me, I get those other days too), I want to say a little prayer for you. I hope you get to enjoy the positive energy of life. I want you to take a moment, take a deep breath, and envision the smiles of your loved ones. I want you to believe that you have the means to make situations better. If you have to take a few minutes to relax, give yourself the time. Cheers.[tags]spring, joy, prayer for happiness, relaxation, keeping in touch[/tags]

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