Neti Pot and Sickness

angie harris

AT_neti-pot-4_04.01.09.jpgI am completely knocked out! At least it’s a weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to get some rest. Last night, I felt so sick and exhausted – and  today I’m feeling even worse.

I slept really early last night and continued to sleep throughout the day today.

I woke up periodically throughout the morning, but would just end up falling back asleep within a couple of minutes. I can’t believe that I slept almost 18 hours today! But in no way am I feeling any better at this point – in fact, I am feeling quite ill. Aside from the extreme fatigue, I have a nasty cough and am on the verge of losing my voice. I haven’t eaten anything all day either as I have no appetite. I tried to force myself to eat some soup earlier, but didn’t get so far as to finish even half of it.

I also had to force myself to continue my daily cleansing with the Neti Pot.

This is definitely not fun.

Neti Pot Experiences:

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