The Power of Movement and Dance

angie harris

power-of-dance.jpgLast night, I sat down to watch for the first time “So You Think You Can Dance” on FOX. There was one very moving dance towards the end of the show (danced by Ade and Melissa), which really moved the judges, performers, audience members, and me – who was watching from the privacy of my own home. The dance was about a woman who was fighting breast cancer and a friend who was trying to help her.

The reason I felt so compelled to write about this was not only because of the subject matter, but the emotional matter.  This is pretty heavy material. People who have been in this situation, (not necessarily just breast cancer) would probably be able to relate to this dance on an emotional level. I certainly can relate to this piece. However, I think the overall message here is how support, hope, and love can help people heal from anything. Having danced for some years now, I felt that this particular dance really went a long way towards showing the expressive power and magnitude of movement and dance without having to say a single word.

From my own personal experience, I feel that a lot of the times I just go through the motions of everyday life because I have to. A lot of times I don’t stop to think about or appreciate all the beautiful things around me or how important it is to spread and share love with those around me.

Yesterday’s dance was a gentle reminder for me to take some time to appreciate what life has to offer and to show my loved ones how much I care about them.

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