Losing A Friend

Allistair Santiago

toyota-Tercel.jpgA friend of mine has fallen very sick. On Monday, he was immobile and had to be taken away by ambulance to Emergency. I haven’t heard back since then, but I’ve been assured that the doctors are performing tests this week to determine the cause and extent of the problem. The trouble is it may not be worth undertaking ameliorative measures – he may have to be written off!

This week, I beg the earnest support of our YogaHub community in this difficult time. Loss is never easy to cope with, and even less so when it’s something dear. I therefore humbly beseech you, gentle reader, to share my pain and help me remember my great friend Mike – my ’91 Toyota Tercel, the first car I ever drove.

Previously my mother’s car, I annexed Mike from her some years ago in the same conversation where he got his name. In a moment of inattention, I foolishly and inaccurately referred to her Tercel as “my car.” Instantly, Mom’s eyebrows shot into her hairline.

Your car?!” she asked me incredulously, obviously inches from tanning my hide.

No, no…” I sputtered back, “I was just… um… calling it by name… yeah, that’s it… Mike Ar, good ol’ Mike Ar.” And the name stuck.

Since that, Mike has been all but nominally mine. He drove me and my friends around throughout high school. He suffered my first car accident with stoic dignity, as well as the second…and the third. He’s shared my musical tastes and gotten me to Edmonton and back. He’s been nothing shy of utterly reliable and he has been my great friend and a more pleasant and agreeable companion than most.

Therefore, I urge each of you take a minute – whenever you have one – to appreciate your friendships. I urge you to take time for your own friends. Make them feel appreciated. Change their oil and check their tires.

Let ’em know you care.
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5 Responses to “Losing A Friend”

  1. Ani says:

    Wow… you had me going for a moment there. I GULPED when I read, He may have to be written off. LOL. As I read on, I had to laugh as well as share in your pain because I know what it’s like to lose a motorized “best friend.” LOL. Kudos for your writing!

  2. Allistair says:

    Why thank-you. I’m glad you enjoyed the entry. Though I miss my pal deeply, I must say I enjoyed writing this, so it’s nice to hear feedback. I appreciate it. However, I’d like to thank-you most of all for taking the time for Mike Ar. Wherever he is, he appreciates it too.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Here I was trying to think of all the appropriate words to help you through the loss of your friend. You’re funny and I loved how you arrived at Mike’s name.
    Keep up the writing – ya’ got potential, kid.

  4. Allistair says:

    Thanks for your support, Bonnie! While I may not share your confidence in my abilities, it’s nice to be appreciated. But I do love a good joke and I’m glad you didn’t feel too duped to laugh along. Thanks again!

  5. Candice says:

    I loved and adored your entry. I too remember the adventures in Mike and will miss him dearly. His red sister has gone to a new owner as well. Therefore, I mourne with you on the loss of our tercels and dear friends:(

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