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AMGT_new-yoga-year_01.08.09.JPGSo there I was, at a New Year’s party where, apart from my husband and my mother, I didn’t know anyone except my cousin, who was hosting the party. The other guests, although friendly and sociable, spent most of the time chatting about hockey and their children. Having no interest in hockey and no children, this left me at somewhat of a disadvantage but I persevered with the small talk, trying to find something in common with someone.

As I wandered around the room exchanging pleasantries, I came across two women having the inevitable New Year Resolution discussion. Their conversation drifted toward weight gain and exercise, and one of the women asked me what exercise I did to stay so “slim and trim.” (Ha! Little did they know that I’ve learned to camouflage my “folds” with my clothes!) I told them that I was a recent convert to the world of yoga and was pleasantly surprised when they both pounced on my news with enthusiasm.

It turns out that both women had been considering taking yoga classes for quite a while but were confused by all the various types of yoga available. Well, who am I to miss an opportunity to talk about my newfound passion?! I chatted about my own yoga journey and suggested that they check out YogaHub’s website, an excellent resource that would give them information on the different types of yoga. I also suggested they read John Sovec’s informative blogs on safety tips for beginners, which would provide them with the necessary foundation for a solid yoga practice. I guess my enthusiasm must have been contagious because the next thing I knew, many of the other guests had joined in on our yoga discussion.

It feels good – no – great to be able to pass on what little knowledge I have of yoga and to encourage people to take that all-important step towards improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I think I just found something else to add to my New Year’s Resolution List – and that’s to pass on my passion for yoga!

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