Day 6: Magic Connections

Megan Mcdonough

World ConnectionI just got off the phone with Segovia and Christina of YogaHub, our wonderful hosts for this 21-day Challenge. There is something extremely energizing about working with kindred spirits. Each of us concentrates on what we do best and, by doing so, we’re able to serve you to the best of our abilities.

As I move through the 21-day Challenge to reach my own goal of filling the Training the Trainer course, I realize how important relationships, partners, and colleagues have been in this process. As I wrote in Day 3, building any business on your own is impossible. It takes a village.

I feel blessed to have the support and expertise of Segovia and Christina through this virtual community.

Think about it…right now you are reading these words in a space conceived and created by Segovia and Christina. Aren’t we lucky? Without this forum, these exact words would not exist. The message you are reading would not be entering your mind, nor would the letters be leaving my keyboard.

There is a wonderful serendipity that occurs when you step outside your own sphere of influence – connecting with others and keeping an open mind about new ideas. One network creates another network and on and on. For example, I was introduced to YogaHub through Soleil of YogaBlaze, who I met through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

When was the last time you were introduced to a new business colleague? Or stepped out into a different situation? Or reconnected with a peer you haven seen in a while?

It is through these new experiences that we can see different and unique possibilities. For example, when people watch the free videos about how to move beyond classes into training, the feedback I often get is:

  • I never thought about my yoga work from that perspective
  • This opens up a whole new opportunity for me
  • I can see now what else I could do besides giving more classes to earn more money

This is Day 6 of the 21-day Challenge. My work today is to bask in the gratitude I feel for Segovia, Christina and the whole YogaHub team – and to thank them for the effort they have put forth so we could all come together this way.

I also plan on continuing the partnering process by going through my contacts and reconnecting with others.

And, by the way, you can use this space right here and now to make those new contacts. Rather than just reading, why not be an active participant? Make a comment, add a post, and share your thoughts. Engage in the conversation.

Let’s hear what you have to say…

Take the Challenge:

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