Enlighten Up with Vanda

Paloma Chavez

Vanda Mikoloski On the beaches of Southern California, an adventurous group of yoga students are being “enlightened” by Vanda Mikoloski, a renowned stand-up comic and yoga teacher who combines comedy and her yoga expertise to create a unique experience. Vanda, who doesn’t charge a fee for her classes but accepts donations, is passionately committed to promoting personal growth and development through humor.

In a recent article in The Independent, Kate Simon, one of Vanda’s students and a participant in her beach classes, opines “Yoga is all made up. People get so damned significant about it. Basically it’s bending.” Vanda’s motto is “Enlighten up” and, as the class continues their stretching, giggling ensues for most of the practitioners. There are some, however, who don’t get it – her class just isn’t what they expect. But that’s fine – Vanda’s “Spiritually Incorrect Comedy” yoga doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.Vanda is very much sought out by noted artists, including The Dixie Chicks and Patty Griffin, who rely on her to keep them fit, balanced, and in good humor during their often grueling tour schedules.

So if you’re interested in instilling some fun and laughter into your yoga practice, check out Vanda’s classes at Venice Beach every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am to 10:15 am.
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  1. vanda says:

    Thanks, guys! Love the post! Love your site!

    Would also love for y’all to check out for some yoga laughs. Hahasanas.

    Love, Vanda

  2. Hi Vanda, Hey how can I experience your class? Do you have a DVD?

    – Steve
    Yoga Video and DVD Dude

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