Natural Weight Loss With Yoga

Paloma Chavez

Recently I came across a statistic that stated “One out of three women and one out of four men are on a diet at any given time.” And that on average a young girl begins dieting from the age of fourteen and is more worried about getting fat than she is about getting cancer. How did our society get to this point?

With the influx of fad diets and quick fix pills, it is no wonder that we are immersed in the obsession to obtain the best physical looking body, which fails to attend to the idea of total wellness. It is rare to find weight loss solutions whose goal is to bring mind, body and spirit into balance.

In the effort to examine this question I came across this book called Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga by Brandt Bhanu Passalaccuqua. Reading through his site and the reviews of this book I found his observations about weight loss through the practice of yoga to be thoughtful and genuine.

From his own struggle with excess weight and his search for a more meaningful life, we are given an honest account full of personal and practical advice. He writes “Awareness of more subtle aspects of my health and nature continue to reveal themselves to me. A taste of peace can affect your entire self.” He continues with “This book is not a diet or exercise plan. Instead it will show you how to transform yourself, step by step, through yoga practice and food awareness.”

This appears to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to increase their awareness through natural and holistic methods.
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