Be My Valentine Every Day

Francesca Silva

Call me cynical (many have) but I’ve never had much time for Valentine’s Day. Cards, flowers, little (or not so little) gifts, declarations of undying love…all reserved for just one day?

Shouldn’t we be expressing our appreciation for our loved ones every day? Not necessarily in words but in actions. They don’t have to be grand gestures either. My husband, who gets up earlier than I do, brings Mumsie and me a cup of coffee every morning. (I suspect part of the reason is because it will keep me – his chatterbox wife – in bed and he – Mr. “not-a-morning-person” – can have some peace and quiet before heading off to work!) And when he gets home from work, I always stop whatever I’m doing and go to the door to greet him with a kiss and a sincere “how was your day”?

And during those not so great days when we have one of our humdinger arguments, we always – and I mean always – say goodnight to each other with a kiss, even though we’re angry. Mumsie taught me that – and it works wonders in helping us compromise (although I’ll admit my husband is far better at putting his anger aside than I am…I like to stew, brat that I am).

Those are just a few examples of the little expressions of appreciation that my husband and I show each other every day – and they make a huge difference in how we approach our life together.

So instead of reserving just one day to show our appreciation for our loved ones, wouldn’t it be wonderful to show them every day – in words and actions – how much we care?

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