My New Toy

Francesca Silva

In my last blog, I mentioned my resolution to attain a healthier lifestyle by changing my bad “binging” habits and improving my diet.

I realize, however, that it’s not all about diet when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – exercise plays a large part too.

Unfortunately, my eye specialist recently told me to stop doing yoga and lifting weights “indefinitely” because my eye pressure has increased – this glaucoma thing is for the birds. He explained that the forward and back bends of yoga can aggravate the eye pressure, which in turn can cause permanent damage on my eyes. So I asked him what my alternatives were with regard to exercising and he suggested a treadmill.

Great idea – Hubby could use it too. So we did some research (we always do copious, exhaustive research before spending our hard-earned money) and finally decided to purchase a Reekbok CrossWalk V7.90. The reviews on this treadmill are great and it’s quite reasonably priced. Even though it’s a foldable treadmill, it’s still sturdy. Also, apart from the usual speed and incline settings, it has elliptical arms, which means I can not only work the muscles on my legs but on my arms as well. That’s a huge bonus for me since I have inherited my family’s flabby upper arms (or, as we call it in our family “bat wings”)!

The treadmill also comes with two pre-set workout cards – one for walking and one for weight loss, which will give us the option of following a pre-set routine or choosing our own routine.

So we’re all set – all we need now is the treadmill itself, which should be delivered sometime this week.

I can’t wait to get started but in the meantime, does anyone know of any yoga poses that are safe for people with glaucoma to do? If so, I’d really appreciate hearing from you because I miss my yoga!

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  1. Eleanor says:

    Hi Francesca,
    I’ve been suffering glaucoma for years, and had practised yoga for quite a while. But now I can feel that prolong forward bends are not for me. Quite upsetting. My eye doctor actually wants to do an operation. I love my yoga but I blindness isn’t an option.

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