Memories and Memoirs

Francesca Silva

Mumsie and I had our first official “Mumsie Day” last week and, since the weather was lovely, we decided to visit one of her favourite gardens.

We arrived just in time for lunch (perfect timing by Mumsie) and enjoyed a delicious variety of salads. After lunch, I borrowed a wheelchair from the garden office, thinking Mum would need it since there was a lot of walking involved – some of it uphill. But I ended up pushing an empty wheelchair while Mumsie enthusiastically walked and walked and walked….

We had a wonderful time – just the two of us. We chatted about nothing and everything, and some of the stories Mumsie told made me itch to have a paper and pen handy so that I could jot down her memories.

Well, those wonderful conversations have spurred me into pursuing an idea that I had a few years ago but never got off the ground, which is writing Mumsie’s memoirs. And since she’s coming up to 93 at the end of the year, I’m thinking this “now or never” deadline may be coming up quickly.

So rather than get side-tracked (again), I’ve already started by writing down as much as I can remember about the stories she told me. I’ve also asked my sister and her family to share their memories of Mumsie and am going to e-mail my cousins as well to ask them to share their memories. And I haven’t forgotten to ask for stories and memories from Hubby and my brother-in-law too. Mumsie and I have also started going through old photos and sharing our memories, which I hope to add to her story.

All this seems to have rejuvenated Mumsie – she’s having a wonderful time talking about her life and all the happy times we shared as a family. As for me, I feel that the part I’m playing in nurturing this process is the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

I am blessed.

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  1. My mom, age 87, has been writing her “life story,” as she puts it, for a couple years now. She had a few periods of not being able to write for health reasons. The process of putting her story down on paper has been a joyful experience for her as she relives the events that have been significant to her. She won’t let my brother or I see her story until it is completely finished. And it is hand written, a nice touch for us in remembering who she is some day when we no longer have her here by our sides.

    Mumsies Memories will be a wonderful remembrance honoring her life. Enjoy the process.

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