Martha Stewart Loves Iyengar

Paloma Chavez

marthayoga.jpg“Long live Iyengar!” shouts Martha Stewart on a recent spot for Access Hollywood.  Almost every day Martha Stewart works with yoga teacher James Murphy an instructor of the Iyengar Yoga, Association of Greater New York.  She says “It’s not about how young you are, but how good you are.”

Martha Stewart has long been a proponent and advocate of the benefits of yoga. Throughout her websites for Martha Stewart Living and the Whole Living Body+Soul magazine (which her company purchased in 2004)  you can find numerous yoga related articles and photo demonstrations of various yoga poses.

She also engaged instructors and faculty members of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York to work with her in creating segments highlighting Iyengar yoga for her daily television show. You can even find an online segment about how to make your own yoga mate tote bag.

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  1. motorcycle guy says:

    I think it’s incredible that Martha Stewart made such an awesome bounce back after going to the slammer. thought that would have finished her career, but nope!

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