A Yogini and her Elephants

Paloma Chavez

elephant.jpgIt has always been a dream of mine to settle into a life with elephants. Just to be able to walk amongst them and observe their innate greatness of spirit and dignity. In the past I had heard of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and the devoted work of the staff to provide a haven for previously captured elephants.

In this month’s Yoga Journal, it was to my delight to read a brief story about Carol Buckley, the co-founder and director of the sanctuary and an avid yoga student. She says.” If I didn’t do yoga, I would keep zooming toward tomorrow instead of living for today.”

From her first rescue of an a baby elephant being on display at a tire store to now managing 19 female elephants on 2,700 acres of land in Tennessee, she has incorporated her yoga practice.  “ My yoga reminded me to breathe, to let go of needing things to go my way, to allow others to help.”

The Elephant Sanctuary was founded in 1995 and continues to be a model of progressive humane treatment of elephants.

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