I Love My New Computer…not quite yet

Francesca Silva

parallels.jpgSo this morning I decided to make a conscious and concentrated effort to try using my new computer. I refused to look at my “oldie but goodie” (even though I could feel the waves of rejection emanating from it). Instead, I took a few deep Yoga breaths and switched on the new machine.

Okay, that went well – up came a beautiful screen with all sorts of icons at the bottom. (I have to say that this new computer really is fine to look at – all sleek lines and no wires to fight with.) I started going through everything to familiarize myself – and immediately got side-tracked with iPhotos. Wow – love it, love it, love it! I can’t wait to get a photo album made of our trip to Europe in May.

Oh-oh…had to get back to learning other stuff. After moving around in iMac for a while, I decided to try to open Windows. My husband – bless him – installed Parallels so that I can continue to work with Windows and Word (my comfort zone). But that’s where the fun really started. I managed to open Windows and access Word, but it was a more recent version of Word that I’m unfamiliar with…aaarrrggghhh…. Not going there today, I decided, so I tried to go back to iMac and play around some more.

And that’s where I really got into trouble because different commands started popping up all over the place and I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Since I was worried that I’d do something wrong, I decided to just log out. Well, could I log out? Of course not! “You need to close Parallels” a pop-up barked at me. How the (*&(*%* do I do that? I glared at the iMac and it glared back at me – stalemate. What now?

I figured I had two options: (a) throw our brand new computer out the window, or (b) calm myself down again with my “Stress Relief Yoga” DVD (which is definitely coming in handy). Obviously, I chose the second option as I thought my husband might be understandably upset if I acted on the first one!

It’s a learning curve – I get that. And I think I’m slowly but surely coming around to the joys of this new computer. But, not being a “techie,” I definitely can’t do this without help, so later today I’m heading over to the nearest bookstore to buy one of those “iMac for Dummies” books….

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4 Responses to “I Love My New Computer…not quite yet”

  1. Hi there, Francesca! I can relate to your experience of learning something new – especially a new operating system! It is times like these when we tap to into our reservoir of patience and rest in “not knowing” (it is also times like these when new swear words are invented, but that is another story).

    This seems to be a common issue. Since I resigned from a career as a programmer to become an Integral Life Coach, I now offer workshops on computer basics (for Windows, not the Mac) at Listening in Barre, MA. Of course, this won’t help your problem much at all, other than knowing that you are not alone; however…

    I have found that understanding the ways we approach learning something new can allow us to leverage our strengths, to find alternate approaches, or, when all else fails, to call in the calvary.

    One of the components of the Integral model, the Quadrants, shows us that there are 4 primary perspectives that one can take. These are known as “Native Perspectives” to an Integral Life Coach. Each of us usually has one or two primary ways of approaching things. The Upper Left (UL) quadrant reflects our inner experience, our thoughts and feelings. The Lower Left (LL) is about relationships and sharing with others. These are the quadrants which reflect the inner, subjective world. In the Upper Right (UR), we have the domain of Action, e.g., typing, sitting, taking notes. Finally in the Lower Right (LR) we have Systems such as the Internet, or a high-level map of how the computer works (or is supposed to work, anyway). The Right-hand quadrants reflect the external, objective world.

    Getting back to the primary perspectives… I prefer an overview of how things work (LR) before taking action (UR); that is, mt Native Perspective is in the LR. It seems to me that you need to first understand how it works (UL) before taking action (UR). You may ask yourself: “What is the meaning of this?” If that does not solve the problem, it seems that you then resort to getting the “big picture” (UR).

    So, after this long-winded explanation of the Quadrants (apologies for that), I am wondering if asking to work with someone with knowledge of how the Mac “talks” to Windows (LL) might also help?

    Nevertheless, I hope your transition to the Mac is as smooth and seamless as possible!

    All the best,
    — Jim Arsenault

  2. Great comment Jim… you may want to consider starting your own blog. You can do this via within your account if you don’t want to bother setting up your own site/domain with WordPress or other related services. (I know you’re likely quite cable of doing the latter – being a programmer and all.)

  3. Thanks very much, Segovia, for the inspirational response. Maybe I will start one. I was just in Ottawa becoming certified as a professional Integral coach at Integral Coaching Canada, so now I have time to start posting again 🙂

    I hope your new computer has been good to you lately…

    Best regards,

    — Jim

  4. (My comment about the computer being good to you was meant for Francesca. But, then again, we could all use a well-behaved computer!)

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