Living Yoga on the Wire

Paloma Chavez

yogawire.jpgJason Magness is free spirited, adventurous and lives mostly without the “normal” securities that many seek. His home? He lives in his 1979 van. A steady income? He would rather push his body physically to the limit than do anything that seems like “work.” Even after years of treacherous climbing, dangerous injuries, and running the rapids, he isn’t slowing down. Instead, he’s achieving a deeper focus on his adventures.

From an interview with Jason Magness by Alexandra Alter, Jason says he realized he was climbing for the wrong reasons. Jason had risked his life to test his mettle and attach his mane to a new route. It was then that he began to take up meditation and work to become a certified yoga teacher. “It wasn’t just that I wanted to be a better climber,” he says. “I wanted to be a better person.”

His newest adventure came about from a feeling of restlessness at a yoga conference – yoga on a slack line. His pursuit to steady the line – a mere inches wide – long enough to do a full-lotus pose, has drawn adventure sports and athletic yoga practitioners. He and his partner frequently give demonstrations, train teachers, and have also released a DVD called YogaSlackers – Slackasana: The art of slackline yoga.
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