Let This Day Shape you

Anatara Buckley

Let this day shape you, and bring forth cooperation with whatever is required to make things flow…

I was ‘thinking’ about what I needed to ‘do’ today…
I was ‘thinking’ about how it ‘should’ go…
I was ‘thinking’ about how to manage the timing of the things that I felt I needed to accomplish…

And I realized that all this ‘thinking’ required an awful lot of energy…

So I started to relax into the apparent agenda that I had prepared for myself…this made me laugh.
I wondered who I was that I would know how the day would actually unfold.
I started to wonder about what gave me such a grand sense of importance in the detail of what I was calling ‘my’ day.

I laughed some more.

There are a few things that I would like to see accomplished by the time I go to sleep tonight. There are a few things that others would like to see me accomplish by the time this day is complete as well.

But who is in ‘charge’ of how this happens?
Who is really calling the shots and deciding how and when this will happen?

I assume that I am the main instrument within my day. I will play myself as I would an instrument, following the rise and fall of the score placed before me. I will attempt to do this without trying to re-write the score placed before me by this day, and by the needs of myself and others, and most especially by the hidden spirit guiding this day.

There is a script or a score available for every one of our days…but it is not written by ‘us’. It is not written by what our minds believe that we should be doing, or by what we think that we need to do. The most valuable score is written by our higher selves, which is in tune with, and in touch with the grander scheme of things for us.

I was actually laughing at myself for thinking that I could really ‘plan’ anything. I remembered, and found comfort in knowing that by giving over the playing of my instrument to the direction of my Intuition, I would find the truth about my day. Then I would come into a flow with the real outcome of this day.

So, as I put myself down to sleep now, what I remember of this day is how it feels to play in harmony with my Intuitive Guidance, not what it might have felt like to push against it, in the belief that I knew what was right on my own.

I never have the feeling that I am alone.
I always walk, play and dance in consort with what intuition directs me to ‘do’.

I am free in this way…free from the need to be in charge of things, and free from the pain of thinking that I am ‘right’.

You can easily ‘try’ it as well.
Begin your day by centering yourself, and from this place ask your spirit nature what you can do. When you see your mind come up with answers, instead of your delicious and calm intuitive side, stop again, take a breath, and re-ask what to do, and how you might proceed.

Play with the differences between doing and asking.

You will get the chance to ‘do’ something. You are simply looking for clues about how to ‘do’ what spirit intends, rather than what ‘you’ intend.

Have fun with this! It’s a great adventure!

With Love and Blessings,

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    Author: Anatara Buckley

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