Laughing at Stupid

angie harris

left-foot.jpgI have a very old pair of athletic shoes that are decently worn out. The padding on them is pretty minimal after so many years of usage, but they are still comfortable. Nothing compares to an old reliable pair of shoes.

The other day, I went to the local convenience store and picked up some Dr. Scholl’s foot padding to help with the comfort. I put them in my shoes that night so that I wouldn’t forget in the morning.

The next morning, I put on my shoes and headed out to work. As I was walking to my car, the arches of my feet started to hurt. I just dismissed it, thinking to myself that my feet just needed to adjust to the new padding.

Then a week passed by.

This isn’t right,” I thought to myself. “My feet should not be hurting this much.” It was getting much more difficult to walk, whether it was around the grocery store or at the office. So when I got home that night, I went to check on the foot padding. I took them out of my shoes and noticed that I had mistakenly switched them (as in I put the left foot padding in the right shoe and vice versa).

Oh, for crying out loud! How stupid was I?!” I thought. “No wonder why the arches of my feet were hurting so much – I had switched them!

A total “duh” moment, but sometimes I’ve just got to laugh at stupid.

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