Are You Embracing Who You Are?

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order-food-at-restaurant.jpgSoooo my readers, I went out to dinner tonight with some amazing women I am attending a workshop with.

Now, when it comes to ordering food, I am the “Sally” in the movie “When Harry met Sally.” (Am I dating myself? LOL!) I have ALWAYS been like this…even as a child, I remember as clear as day not eating the fried egg if it broke. Many Sunday mornings, my entire family would wind up having “broken yolked fried eggs ” for breakfast as a result of my innate “divaness.

Well, this was the first time EVER when I ordered that the women actually PRAISED me, not only for knowing what I wanted, but also for speaking up to order it without having a problem doing so – versus my old ordering pattern (as “old” as last week) that usually frustrates the people I am dining with to the point of having them make comments about it for the next five minutes.

I guess I just got used to this as it has ALWAYS been this way for YEARSSSS. I could never figure out how a simple action of mine could elicit such a huge response from others. I woud think to myself, “Why is everyone in my business?”, “Why is it such a big deal?” or “Why are they embarrassed when I order what I WANT?

Get OVER it already!” Always putting it on THEM instead of looking into what was going on within me.
And then tonight, I had the AH-HA moment! You know the moment I am talking about – it is like a voice is FINALLY giving you the missing golden piece of the puzzle.

Up until this point in my life, I was the one who was not FULLY comfortable with my innate divaness. It is not even ABOUT the food…THIS is who I am. I believe I popped out of my mother’s womb with a crown on my head and had all the right jewels in the configuration that I wanted…actually, I probably sent everything back to have it re-set!;-)

I have come to realize that the time when others truly see YOU as a role model and an inspiration – and stop saying what is wrong with YOU because they are uncomfortable with it – is when YOU fully embrace who YOU are – with no excuses! It’s that moment when you realize that YOU are not uncomfortable with who YOU are anymore!

How amazing and inspirational is THAT!!! I know – way cool!

Just some food for thought! And by the way, would you please pass the salt and can you make sure it is the special coarse sea salt from up in the mountains….

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