Internet: Friend or Foe?

Francesca Silva

When it comes to technology, I’ll admit it – I’m a dinosaur.

But even I, reluctant adaptor to change, will admit that the Internet is a marvelous tool – when used properly and responsibly. And therein lies the problem…

The other day, I was appalled to hear in the news about a 16-year-old girl who had been drugged with the “date-rape” drug and then gang-raped at a party. That in itself was bad enough but what happened next was worse, if that’s even conceivable.

Some idiot who was there took photos with his cell phone and uploaded them on to the Internet. These horrific photos were circulated around by others and posted on to Facebook, resulting in the poor girl being violated all over again.

How can this be happening? How can some of today’s youth (not all – I know many wonderful young people who contribute greatly to society and community) be so inured to someone else’s pain and suffering that they would find it entertaining to propagate it?

And is it really the fault of the Internet, as many parents who called in to a radio program insisted? Well, no, I don’t believe the Internet is the problem. The Internet is a tool – a tool that can be used responsibly or irresponsibly. I think we should lay the blame firmly on the real culprits – namely, the users of this tool, who have the ability to make conscious choices and live with the consequences of these choices.

So let’s stop finding excuses for the behavior of certain individuals. Isn’t it about time people – regardless of their age – started taking responsibility for their actions?

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