Hypnosis and Yoga

Paloma Chavez

DC_Hypnosis.jpgLisa Hubler is a certified hypnotherapist and yoga therapist who has been practicing meditation for many years. As the co-founder of Mind Matters Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, Lisa’s mission is to teach individuals how to “understand and utilize the great power of mind, body and spirit as a unified whole.”

Lisa has found a way to combine the healing benefits of this practice into one program entitled “Hypnosis and Yoga for Weight Release and Stress Relief.” The program’s intent is to incorporate hypnosis, meditation and restorative yoga to “facilitate deep relaxation and the positive changes you desire.”

In an upcoming workshop that will be held at the Yoga at the Village studio in Glendale, California, Lisa will incorporate hypnosis as she guides participants through a series of gentle yoga poses. She will also engage her students in discussions about the ways this practice can increase awareness of body image, and address any stress-related concerns. Specific topics included in the 2½-hour workshop will be “mindful eating, intuitive eating, and learning self-hypnosis.” As a bonus, Lisa will demonstrate how to prepare a nutritious “green smoothie to curb food cravings” and provide each participant with a CD so that they can continue to practice at home.

There are two opportunities to participate in this workshop – November 16th and December 13th, from 2-4:30 pm. If you are interested in participating, you can visit the Yoga at the Village website to register and receive a discount for early registration.[tags]hypnosis and yoga, weight control, stress relief, self-hypnosis[/tags]

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    Very great blog! It’s the first time I’ve heard about hypnosis with yoga. It seems cool to use yoga to meditate and combine it with hypnosis. This is really a great read. Thanks for sharing this.

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