The Weight of Yoga

Paloma Chavez

yogaweight.jpgWhen a “slightly overweight, curvaceous, rounded” woman or man first considers a yoga practice, they pause with concerns. Most are what every other new student asks, “How will I bend like that?” “Do I have to be in shape to take a class?” But what continues in their mind is the reality that their extra girth will be a challenge in even the simplest twist or bend.

And if they consider an at-home practice, they only have to peruse the numerous selection of yoga DVD’s to notice that their shape is nowhere to be found.

Perhaps it is their intention to become toned, flexible and lithe just like all of the teachers in the magazines. Or to simply improve their posture, strengthen muscles, or relieve stress and tension.  And just like anyone else, they are looking for a role model, who has some consideration of their proportions and who just might “have some weight on them” as well.

It is understood that it is not the responsibility of the general exercise or yoga world to “fix” someone. But why are we lacking in quality DVD’s, clothing and optional classes for plus-size people? How are their concerns being addressed?

As I began to research it I quickly found that the field is nearly empty. Although we have not yet viewed this video it was the only one listed on Amazon with lots of supportive and enthusiastic reviews. Megan Garcia’s has two offerings:  Just My Size with Megan Garcia DVD and her book MegaYoga.

This community has increased in numbers and is ardently seeking a way to balance their lives through alternative means. Yoga has proven to be adaptable, let’s see if we can begin to plant more seeds.

If you have come across a book, DVD or class for a larger community please send us the information and your comments.

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  1. Janice says:

    Actually Iyengar and his daughter, Geeta Iyengar are good examples too.

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