Goodbye Farrah

Francesca Silva

Farrah-Fawcett.JPGAnother icon left us last week.

Farrah Fawcett. The ultimate golden girl of the seventies, who made watching TV’s “Charlie’s Angels” a guilty pleasure for many people during that era.

Farrah, who somehow managed to combine girl-next-door qualities with sex symbol ones.

Who in our generation doesn’t remember Farrah, with her full luscious mane of golden-blond hair, her sunny smile, and that figure? And who – especially men – could fail to appreciate that iconic poster of Farrah in her red swimsuit? I remember walking into my cousin’s room one day and seeing the poster on his wall. My straight-laced, conservative cousin who spent most of his time with his nose in a textbook – who knew? And yet there was Farrah, taking pride of place in his room.

She had that effect on people – male and female. The appeal for men was obvious, but why were women drawn to her too? For me, it wasn’t her beauty (although I would have loved to have hair like hers). No, there was something about Farrah that made you want to get to know her, to be her friend. She was everyone’s favourite Angel – not the sensible, practical Kate or the ethereal, almost unapproachable Jacelyn – but the fun-loving Farrah.

Of course, there was much more to her than that. In later movies, she showed her depth and surprised many with her acting ability in diverse roles.

And, according to many reports, when she was diagnosed with cancer, she faced it courageously and relied on her faith to keep her strong.

She lost her battle last week. But for a certain generation, she will remain in our hearts as the beautiful girl with the sunny disposition, who lifted our spirits and made us smile. Rest in peace, Farrah.
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