Calming the Financial Fear

Christina Souza Ma

deep_breaths.jpgIt’s almost the end of 2009. So many people have lost their jobs, homes, companies, businesses – and yet, whenever I go to the coffee shop, it’s still busy with people enjoying a meal or cup of coffee.

My company’s year end is not until February, which gives me a bit of time to get some things in order, but the property taxes are due, the year-end payroll taxes are also due, Christmas is coming and with it seasonal gifting and gatherings – all these add up even though we have cut back in so many areas.

I find myself in a state of numbness as I go through the bills and cut the payroll cheques. I sometimes find myself staring at the computer screen, not knowing which screen to click on. I do have nine screens, so pick one – any one – and there will be something to do on it. Task lists become daunting…again.

I know I speak for many people when I say that making ends meet as a company has been challenging. And building a site like YogaHub, which is personally funded, is even more challenging. But ultimately the passion always prevails. I tell myself to remember why this all began. It has always meant so much to me to be able to support others on their journeys of well being.

So even though I often question whether my decisions are right and whether I’m heading in the right direction, ultimately only the universe will answer that. So why not let go of all my fears? Why not just trust that – sooner or later – what goes around comes around?

Take a few long, deep breaths” I remind myself. All this energy surrounds us, so why not fill it with positive and productive flow? If everything is in alignment, it will all flow gently.
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Author: Christina Souza Ma

Christina has lived many lives – from professional Cosmetologist, L’Oreal’s Technical Commercial Director of South East Asia, Hair and Make-up designer behind the camera, to Actor and Body worker. Many years ago, Christina had a vision to create an entity that would

3 Responses to “Calming the Financial Fear”

  1. “Ultimately the passion always prevails.” Yes. Relief and grace come from intention, skill and action infused with that deep trust that everything really and truly is taken care of.

    And, wow – 9 monitors? Om, mama. May focus be your companion and spaciousness be your breath.

  2. really wonderful. i think the kind of stressful lives we live it is very important to have a non medicated way to release stress.

    my experience yoga is best

  3. Christina says:

    Thank you, I have begun creating space by beginning our day as a team with a series of Sun Salutations. It’s truly get the energy and breath flowing. I wish we could make it back to classes again, but in time I do believe it will happen.

    Yes, I do agree that there should be no need for medication as it becomes a crutch over time. My child is also my breath during the most stressful of times.

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