Earth to Fran, Come in Please!

Francesca Silva

So I’ve finally come back down to earth, having spent the last several days lost in space somewhere…

I was feeling fine when I waved our visitors off and was looking forward to having my house back and getting into my routine again. I spent the day after their departure tackling all the laundry and cleaning up, so by the time I went to bed that night (after faithfully doing my Neti wash), I was feeling exhausted but satisfied.

Rude shock – woke up the next morning feeling like death warmed up. My head was pounding incessantly, the right side of my throat felt like it was on fire and my right ear felt like someone had stabbed it. But that was nothing compared to the feeling I had when I tried to get out of bed – instant nausea set in and my world literally started to spin…I couldn’t even tell the ceiling from the floor! Fortunately, hubby hadn’t taken off for work yet so – bless him – he somehow managed to reschedule his ridiculously busy work day so that he could take me to my doctor’s.

Diagnosis: Viral infection in the ear. Dr. G told me he couldn’t give me any antibiotics (he’s not one for dishing out meds at the drop of a hat anyway, which is why I like him) and I’d just have to let it run its course, which could take several days. Several days???!!! I asked him if he could just shoot me to put me out of my misery but he muttered something about the Hippocratic Oath not condoning such treatment…so much for his help.

So I spent the next few days in bed feeling sick and sorry for myself. I didn’t even feel like reading – and if I’m not up to reading, I must be sick. Not that it really mattered, though, because most of the time I just slept. Don’t think I’ve ever slept so much in my life! As for the Neti Pot, I couldn’t even bring myself to try it – yes, I know it would have helped tremendously but I was feeling too sick to even have a go at it – just the idea made me want to hurl (thank you for sharing under the category of “too much information”)!

Anyway, I finally surfaced yesterday afternoon and am feeling somewhat better. Still get feelings of nausea occasionally and my ear continues to hurt a little, but nothing compared to how I was feeling before. And the first thing I did when I felt better yesterday was to use my Neti Pot – wasn’t the best wash I’ve ever had but it was a start in the right direction.

So I’m back…a little fragile and tentative but back down to earth nonetheless. Any welcome back waves out there?

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