Category: The Poetry of Yoga

Yoga as Meditation

Margaret Kruszewska
Yoga and MeditationSomething happens during a yoga class that is different from going to a gym or taking a nap (two activities that students will often try comparing with yoga). I've already mentioned that the nature of coming into yoga poses, moving with breath, staying with the yoga poses for extended periods of time followed by a deep relaxation creates a type of whole body meditation. While many forms of meditation encourage a complete stillness...
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Yogi Practices and Sivaratri

Margaret Kruszewska
Shiva YogiHaving participated in an all-night meditation and chanting session in honor of Sivaratri, gave me plenty of time to reflect on and wonder about Siva energy. (And when I say "all-night"- I mean from 9pm - 6am)! First, let me explain what Sivaratri is and why I participate in this annual "night of Siva." Siva (also spelled Shiva) is often described as the ultimate yogi in deep meditation. He is painted with...

Your Yoga Journal

Margaret Kruszewska
Yoga and Journal WritingKeeping a journal is a common enough practice these days. Artists often use journals as a way to remember inspirations and reflect on what they are experiencing. Similarly, starting a yoga journal can help you record and notice how your daily life is changing because of your yoga practice. (more…)
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Solo Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
It's a very different feeling creating your own yoga session than it is showing up for a yoga class. In my 20 years of yoga practice, I've gone through periods of knowing that I needed the structure and guidance of another yoga teacher and other times when I was able to go much deeper into my own yoga practice by going solo. (more…)
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Yoga & Celebrating the Holidays

Margaret Kruszewska
celebrating holidaysYes, I do celebrate the holidays- the light returning, as of yesterday's Winter Solstice; thinking of what else I can give, give, give; smelling evergreens when I visit my friends' homes; hearing from friends I thought I lost track of since my move; cheering those on who are in dire need of rest from their 9-5 jobs; updating my address book; finishing writing projects begun this year. Continue Reading: Yoga & Celebrating the Holidays