Anatara Buckley

What do you believe in?
What do your beliefs do for you?

Does it feel like your beliefs help you? If you changed some of your beliefs, would it change your life?

It is so comforting to have something to believe in. It is so rewarding to believe that we know what to do, and that we are making an accurate and valid decision. When there is a strong ‘reason’ behind a choice, we feel safe in making that choice. We feel convinced that what we do is ‘right’. We believe in what we are doing.

And it certainly feels wonderful to believe in another person. We can believe that we are loved, that we are cared for, that the other person has our best interests in mind. This feels really safe.

But where do these beliefs come from?

I wonder sometimes if the thought that I am having is generated from my mind or is coming directly through from my Intuition. It is often so hard to make this discernment. As I move through my life, one of my desires is that I derive most of my information from Intuition, rather than from what I think, or what I believe.

Thoughts and beliefs, generated by the mind, are full of rich elements. These thoughts can be beautiful, they can be quite detailed, and they can make us believe that they are full of truth. They can be VERY convincing as they make us want to believe what they are presenting to us.

This makes me wonder again about where these thoughts, and these beliefs come from? I have spent quite a lot of time unravelling the differences between thoughts based on our beliefs, and thoughts based on what we hear through Intuition.

In general, we are at the mercy of the thoughts that come through from our minds, and from the beliefs based on our past experiences. We create whole belief systems about ourselves, our friends and families, and our lives, based on what the mind has created out of events that we have experienced in the past.

Beliefs that grow out of these past experiences are based on a time that is over, not on who we are right now, or what is really occurring right now. We attempt to live our lives based on a set of ideas that applied before, in a totally different set of circumstances than are available now.

The beliefs that we tend to pay attention to are the beliefs of the mind, the beliefs of the past.

A new opportunity exists, to instead pay attention to the clear and free thoughts that our Intuition can guide us to.

Believing that there is a way to liberate ourselves from the constrictions of past experience, we begin to create a new set of beliefs. The primary new belief can be that we are open to Intuitive guidance. When we experiment with this, we create a door to freedom from the mind.

This feels good!
Blessings and Love,

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