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Christina Souza Ma

Steven-Espinoza.jpgWow – my return to Yoga is quite the journey.

This is my third class back. My body is feeling a bit better each time, as I’m getting reacquainted with each movement.

Has it been easy? No. Not at all! Like everything in life, we learn things and, when we have been away for a while, we have to relearn them, so it takes time to get back into the flow. Also, things change in time and approaches are different.

In this case, I’ve decided that Stephen Espinoza’s Anusara Yoga class at Still Yoga in Silverlake, Los Angeles, is for me. In one of my last blogs, I mentioned that I had not done so many Downward Facing Dogs in any class before. My body has begun to love it because it is a wonderful way to stretch my body out to its full capacity.

Well, the last Anusara Yoga class I attended only had four participants. Yet our instructor Stephen still asked all the same questions at the beginning. And he refreshed his knowledge of the issues and concerns of all his students. Even though the class was small, Stephen assured us that he would take more time to focus on the asanas and – believe me – he is a man of his word.

He was so clear and precise with the adjustments that he gave each of us. And he also took the time to help us not only feel but visually see the correct placement of our shoulders during Downward Facing Dog – not just the shoulders, but the whole form.

What a great class! We not only held every asana for an extended period of time, but we could also feel what it was to be aligned properly. Very, very exciting!

I wished my whole team could have been there in the class with me to experience this wonderful journey and enlightenment to the practice.

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

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