Learning Yoga to Improve Focus

oga has many benefits for the body as well as the mind. The reason why thousands of people have begun to practice yoga is that it offers individuals the opportunity to create a balance between our body, mind and spirit. And from that balance, we will be able to build a keen sense of awareness of ourselves and of our environment. This in turn will allow us to actualize our good intentions throughout the day. However, in our hectic lifestyles we tend to lose our focus and will inevitably fall short of our goals. So we come to rely on yoga to improve the focus and clarity in our lives in order for us to develop the concentration we need to accomplish those goals.

[post-img]A yoga instructor, whether teaching an individual or a class, will typically begin with detailed instructions on how best to incorporate the breath with the positions (asanas). Sometimes, we are asked to find a stillness, not only in our postures but also in how we are taking air into our bodies. The idea is that, while we are expanding our lungs, the breath is also invigorating our consciousness. As we progress through each yoga position, our focus becomes more defined and we therefore relax our muscles and begin to remove stressful blockages. Through this we then find ourselves able to remove unwanted outside distractions that keep us from attaining a clear mind.


Using yoga to improve focus can help improve many aspects of everyone’s lives – from the student to the at-home mother/father to the working professional. As a student, you are expected to recall so many facts and figures that it is difficult to keep them all organized in your head. As an active mother or father who is keeping a household together while wanting to spend more time with your children, you become frustrated that you are not able to do it all. Or, as a busy professional, you’re putting in more and more hours at the office, only to find that all the extra work has only made you more confused and not as in control as you had planned to be.[b-quote]

The benefit of a consistent yoga practice offers us the key to developing our concentration and focus. It provides the added benefit of enabling us to stay in the moment, to be present with our actions. Because it requires us to pull our attention away from constant distractions and to repeatedly draw our eye inward, it gives us a greater ability to apply this focus to our daily lives so that we can then become more productive and find a renewed sense of energy.