Making the Right Decision – A Guide To Yoga Mats

inding guides on how to choose yoga mats are few and far between. Choosing the best yoga mat to suit your needs may be difficult, especially with all the varieties that are available on the market today. What you need to take into consideration is that there is a difference in the types of mats you can buy.

[post-img]Of course, you want to choose the color that appeals the most to you, but you also want to make sure you choose the right length according to your height so that when you lie back, your entire frame will be on the mat. If you are a more athletic and rigorous practitioner of yoga, then you may not have the need for a very thick mat. And if you are interested in a bio-friendly mat, then you will want to know that most mats are made from a non-biodegradable plastic, polyvinyl chloride.   


If you are interested in alternatives to this toxic material, you can look for yoga mats made from natural fiber, such as jute, thermal plastic elastomer foam, or natural rubber. Take note that, when you purchase a mat made from natural rubber, you will have to air it out for a few hours because the initial smell of the rubber can be potent. However, the smell will quickly wear off when the mat is hung out in the air.

[b-quote]When you are trying to decide what type of mat to buy, you should consider asking your yoga teacher what your needs will be for your yoga mat. You should also ask yourself whether the texture of the mat appeals to you, how much padding you will require, and whether the traction of the mat is sticky enough. And if it’s a non-slip mat, will you want to use it for other activities, such as pilates?

Finally, in addition to your yoga mat, you also need to consider what other equipment you will require for your yoga practice.