Yoga at Any Age for Every Body ~How Yoga Can Be For Everyone

oga is for everyone because at different times in your life you can choose to emphasize one technique over another. Work in any one area will also affect all other areas.  

[post-img]If you wish to develop a deeper awareness of your breath, you can do so while sitting, standing, walking, eating, in any activity. You can do so if you are in a wheelchair or bedridden, pregnant or just starting a yoga practice in your senior years.

If you are more interested in developing your physical body, you can do so under the direction of a good teacher, no matter if you are a natural athlete with many years of training or an absolute beginner experiencing the normal aches and pains of getting older.  

If you are seeking a practice that will help you deal with emotional ups and downs that may be worsened by feelings of loss, confusion and the normal fluctuations of changing relationships, jobs and finances, learning meditation and relaxation techniques can transform the quality of your daily life.

[tip-fact]If you are experiencing deeper spiritual yearnings that are not being addressed through traditional religions and philosophies, studying the sacred sounds, teachings and technologies of yogic rituals and a devotion to working with spiritual communities will create richer life experiences.

Long time yoga practitioners describe how yoga continues offering them limitless possibilities of working with their bodies, minds and hearts at any age.  [b-quote]Because thousands of varieties on the asanas exist, boredom with routines is replaced with a sense of exploring the endless possibilities of your own body. Those who also understand and practice meditation or chanting of sacred songs, which are also considered yogic practices, continue experiencing a renewed joy and feelings of being centered in their otherwise demanding lives.  

Because the practice of yoga is not necessarily tied to any one spiritual organization, it can continue wherever your life path takes you. It can be practiced on your own with the help of inspiring literature and meditation or it can be practiced in a group class with a teacher.  

Practitioners may not always be able to maintain a regular schedule of practice but over the years, many find that they can more easily return to what they have previously learned.  Many practitioners, especially women who have been excluded from sacred traditions by religious male organizations, find great freedom in the yogic practices that have been interpreted and practiced in hundreds of ways through thousands of years. No specific body type, ethnic origin or personality is required to embark on the yogic path, which remains open to all.