Wearing Your Yoga Style

n today’s fashion conscious world, we are constantly being inundated with marketing ads pitching rapidly changing clothing styles. One minute the experts are telling us that a particular style is the “newest and best” and the next minute we’re told to throw it away as yesterday’s fashion!

[post-img]In yoga, it’s not so much about the newest fashion trends as it is about defining comfort, flexibility, and endurance. Of course, when you are buying your yoga clothes, you want them to be fun and colorful, but it is essential to get fitted clothing that comes with a fine stretch, as it will enable your body to move freely during your practice.
When buying women’s yoga clothing, look for a fitted tank or shirt that can offer full support and ample coverage. Finding the right pants that best suits your body type is also important – and this can range from a close fit Lycra blend Capri to a pair of loose fitting drawstring cotton pants.

[tip-fact]There is also a wide variety of choices of yoga clothing for men. For their tops, they can choose from various colors and printed designs on short-sleeve or sleeveless t-shirts. For their pants, there is an equally good selection of cotton drawstring pants that will provide comfort and flexibility of motion.

Typically, yoga is practiced barefooted, but some people may find that the use of a yoga toe sock can offer additional support and control during a difficult pose.

Many yoga practitioners are now looking for more eco-friendly options, and this has inspired active wear fashion designers to utilize alternative materials in their designs. You can now find organic materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo in many yoga clothing lines.

Just remember that no matter what you choose to wear in your yoga class, it should comfortable and supportive to your practice. By wearing the right yoga apparel, you will get the most benefit out of your regular yoga routine.{mxc}