Yoga Medical Update

Paloma Chavez

science2.jpgOnce again the positive results of a regular yoga practice have been acknowledged in the medical community. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity are a few of the probable outcomes of metabolic syndrome. And neglecting your health in any of these instances can lead to a weakened system.

At the Nebraska Medical Center a study of 100 patients with metabolic syndrome were taken through a two-month study. Half of the patients were required to practice yoga to observe the results of the effects towards their ailment.

According to Dr. Scott Shurmur who arranged the study, he found “improvements in all of the metabolic syndrome features.” Specific results ranged in a decrease in blood pressure, blood sugar with the added benefit of slimmed waist sizes. Since stress is recognized as a leading factor in weight gain, a regular yoga practice was thought to be effective in lowering the hormone cortisone that is related to the heightening of stress.
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  1. Elbert says:

    This is pretty important information considering that metabolic syndrome affects 50 million people in the US. That’s 1 in every 6 people! That means yoga should be affecting 6 in every 6 people… 🙂

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