Your Creative Self

Paloma Chavez

WriterAccording to writer Jeff Davis, “yoga can help you access your creative faculties, strengthen your creative discipline, and navigate the tricky mental patterns that come with being an artist of any kind.”

As the author of “The Journey from the Center to the Page”, Jeff explores how a writer’s creativity can be enhanced through yoga postures, breathing exercises, and developed focus.

Jeff brings his book to life through his workshop and retreat, Yoga as Muse: Moving writers from the center to the page, which is specifically aimed at assisting writers in improving their creativity through yoga. In small gatherings, participants delve into selected portions of various creative writings and attend a specially designed yoga session to “find creative inspiration in their own bodies…and develop concentration for creative projects.”

Whether you’re an experienced writer or one who is just starting out, Yoga as Muse workshops are available throughout the year at writers’ retreat centers.
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