My Aching Neck

Paloma Chavez

DC_Aching-Neck_12.08.08.jpgLiving and working in a busy city, I find that my body absorbs both the excitement and stresses of city life at the end of the day. So many nights I replaced rest for work and paid for it the next morning when my body recoiled as I urged it to stretch and twist during a few simple asanas.

Recently, while visiting with a fellow yoga buddy, I tried to relax by sinking into a comfy chair, but I let out a few winces of pain. Where did that come from?

My shoulders were extremely tight, my neck was stiff, and I was feeling a bit foggy. And I hadn’t even earned it from a fun night out!

Stress, work fatigue, and not being aware of my posture while working late in front of the computer had finally taken hold of my body.

Thankfully, my friend gave me a knowing “Did you use yoga to help with those aches and pains?” look (she has a very talkative look). I admitted that, although I had done a few rounds of Sun Salutations that morning, I had thought it best to not overextend myself with too much exercise.

A big grin came over her face and she gently encouraged me to try doing a revised inversion pose. She instructed me to sit on the floor near a wall, lie back, lift my legs up so that they were supported by the wall, scoot my hips and back as close to the wall as possible, stretch out my arms – and breathe. Just breathe. I wanted to try the pose immediately, but thought it best to not break up the party.

Once I got home, I followed her instructions and, within minutes, I felt my shoulders begin to release the tension. My chest filled up with purifying air and slowly my neck realigned itself back into place. And for the first time in many days I had a sound uninterrupted sleep.

Now if I can only work at my computer in that position!

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