Yoga for a New Year

Margaret Kruszewska

Day 1Everything is closed today. Hopefully everyone is enjoying a full day and evening without the daily pressures that leave us exhausted. The job, the commute, the family, the deadlines and then of course there’s all the new things just added to our To Do list: exercise more, spend less, laugh more, worry less…

Many folks I know have “been meaning to” try yoga. Many others have “been meaning to get back” to yoga.

I still recommend the 3-days-in-a-row approach. Do anything for 3 consecutive days and you establish a habit- and a good one, like yoga, forms into a life-long practice.

So, even though yoga studios are closed today, consider today your Day 1- you’ve thought about it, you’ve read about it, now get a mental picture of youself participating in a yoga session (not the same as seeing a model or teacher demonstrating yoga poses).

See yourself forming a practice that will take you through the coming days, and years. One that is centered on reminding you of the power of your own breath; your breath that extends and connects you to all of life around you.

Yoga will remind you how real your body is, how fascinating your mind and how gorgeously your heart will continue leading you.

Consider today Day 1!

-Margaret “Saraswati” 

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