Yoga DVD's- Your Home Practice

Paloma Chavez

Obtaining a range of at home yoga DVD’s can be the answer to those days when you are just unable to attend a class. Typically, attending a class will provide you with the personal support and advice of an experienced teacher. But for those occasional hectic days or when you are traveling, the convenience of having a quality yoga DVD can help you maintain a consistent practice.

A few things to look out for as you venture into the stacks of available yoga DVD products.

Know your level. Here I would like to refer to yoga teacher and fellow YogaHub writer Margaret Saraswati and her piece on yoga videos (August 17,2006). She pointed out that she found that the label “beginner” could be misleading. If you haven’t taken any yoga classes it may be difficult for you to follow the session, without prior experience.

Do your research. Several yoga magazines will have monthly reviews on some of the newest DVD’s made by national yoga teachers. Magazines to check out are Yogi Times and Yoga Journal for the most up to date information.

Watch the entire video before you begin. Again to quote Margaret Saraswati,
“I’m finding the set-up is often a challenge as you can’t really ‘watch the video while trying to do the yoga poses.” So take the time to sit through the session in order for you to determine where you may need to take some extra time to complete a pose.

And finally take another look at Margaret’s article “When You Don’t Have a Yoga Teacher.” She really makes offers some good insight in this situation.

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  1. Thanks for the good advice. I think beginner is a broad term for yoga …

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