Feel the Connection: Yoga at the Office

madoka kasahara

connection.jpgAs Angie already mentioned in her blog yesterday, a few mornings ago we had a 45-minute yoga workout before our weekly meeting started. All of us had our own yoga mats, except for baby Zen master and his nanny, so we laid them out and Christina led us through a couple of sets of nice and smooth Sun Salutations.

It had been quite a long time since I’d last practiced yoga, but I knew I wouldn’t have any problems going through the entire session – simply because it was what my body needed. I was very fortunate that my neck wasn’t causing me any problems, but there were some other areas of my body that felt uncomfortable, and my energy flow had been very low recently.

I concentrated on my body a lot so that I could feel where my energy had been clogged up in my body. The main areas were from the right side of the neck to the middle of my back, as well as my spine. Also, the two fingers of my right hand were still an issue. Those places just needed to be stretched very gently but strongly. Hmmm…after continuing with the yoga stretches for a while, I started to feel so good and I could feel all the positive energy start to flow through my body again.

It’s so great of Christina to bring this idea to us. I think it’s really important that, as a YogaHub team, we keep practicing yoga regularly together so that we can continue to feel a connection with each other.
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