Stressed-out Drivers

Paloma Chavez

MotormanThe Mumbai Suburban Railway has the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world. And it has long been established that the motormen (train drivers) who operate these local trains often suffer stress-related illnesses due to the high level of responsibility of their jobs.

These motormen are now the subject of a study being conducted by the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute on the “role of yoga in stress management for train drivers”. The three-month study began with a detailed medical examination and various biochemical tests of 80 motormen who were selected by the Central Railways and Western Railways, the two zones that make up the state-run Indian Railway System.The participants will be required to take part in a daily 90-minute yoga practice at the Institute and will also be required to practice yoga in their own homes.

According to Subodh Tiwari, the Institute’s coordinator, the motormen will be evaluated after one month of continual yoga practice and will take part in personal counseling to help identify any related problems that could be adding to their stress levels.

At the end of the three months, a full assessment of the program will be administered by the Foundation for Assessment and Integration of Health systems (FAITH).

Check out The Times of India article for more information on this yoga study.

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