Yoga after Thanksgiving

madoka kasahara

MK_Thanksgiving_12.08.08.jpgHow was your Thanksgiving? I had a great time with my close friends, but I ate too much food in a series of 3 nights!? My body felt heavy and needed some exercise.

Shame on me. It’s been a long time since going to a yoga class. Yeah, in my last blog I mentioned that I had practiced yoga by following yoga DVDs at home but not in a class with a yoga instructor. It’s totally different. I love being in a yoga class. The energy in the room is so powerful and produces good feelings in my body whether my energy is positive or negative prior to attending the class.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I went to a yoga class that I had frequented throughout the year. I thought the class would be small because people usually go back to their hometown to spend time with their families during the holidays. I was surprised to find that it was not sparse. There were 20 or more students – a comfortable size.

The instructor was different from the one who usually teaches on Saturdays. She started with gentle stretching and massaging of the feet, legs, arms and shoulders. It’s like waking up our bodies from the holiday and being gentle to our stomachs while it is still filled with a great meal.

The class itself was slow and steady, which was just perfect for my body since it needed recovery from my heavy turkey stomach:( During the meditation held at the end of the workout, I was almost unconscious.

I felt so good – my body was happy.

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