A Gentle Journey

Paloma Chavez

YahWeh Yoga DVDThere is often a great deal of controversy surrounding yoga when it is offered in church centers. This is due to the perception that yoga is being promoted as a “religious” practice. However, many people of varied faiths have found a way to understand and accept yoga for its physical benefits while managing to infuse their own spiritual practices.

Yahweh Yoga is a yoga studio based in Arizona that encourages individuals of all faiths to practice yoga for their emotional and physical health. Founded by DeAnna Smothers and her daughter Courtney Kutta, the studio’s mission is to inspire “lifestyles that are naturally healthy, fresh and joyful”. The studio’s instructors bring with them a wealth of experience as Certified Christian Yoga Teachers (CCYT), Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT), and Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance®.

Yahweh Yoga’s popular in-studio classes include “Gentle Journey”, which is designed to de-stress and tone mind, body, and soul, “Faithful Flow”, which focuses on centering the mind and body, and “Stretch, Relax and Restore”, a soothing practice suited for individuals requiring emotional and physical restoration.

Due to the popularity of these workshops, Yahweh Yoga has developed a series of Christian-based yoga DVDs for home practice. These DVDs were created “especially for believers in Christ so they feel comfortable practicing to music and in a setting that makes them feel at home.”
In addition to the DVDs, Yahweh Yoga has recently published “Christian Yoga: Restoration for Body and Soul”, a beautifully illustrated guide that provides a Christ-centered yoga practice and is “perfect for those seeking to strengthen their understanding of Christian yoga and deepen their yoga practice”.

Individuals who have participated in the studio’s workshops and/or purchased their products express how inspiring it is to practice yoga through Christian based music, scriptures and prayers. Perhaps practitioner Carol Travilla explains it best, saying “A Yahweh Yoga class is like a mini soul retreat.”

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