Why Was I So Busy??

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rent-sign.jpgMy daily schedule the last few weeks was crazy. First of all, the promotion at YogaHub started, so all of us team members were (and still are) totally focused on it.

On top of that, even though I’d been so busy putting in a lot of hours at work, I also had to look for a place to live because I’m moving out of the current place I’m staying at. I opened up several websites so that I could check any vacancies, make appointments, and personally check all potential places that are near the office. That was a lot of time-consuming work during and after work hours.

In addition, rehearsals had started because the performance was just around the corner. Our director lives approximately 40 miles away (and that’s just one way!!) and I live the furthest from her. We had rehearsals during weekdays and weekends so – yup, I spent a lot of gas on both apartment hunting and rehearsals:(

I had to perform two roles in the play, one of which required me to dance. The roles have never been difficult for me, but this time, it was different. I couldn’t focus on my lines. I mumbled and forgot my lines several times. Part of the reason was that I felt so tired but mainly my lack of focus was because I was preoccupied with my solo koto performance after the play. The director understood my situation, so she was never tough on me. But I was scared about performing on that day. The more scared I felt, the more I focused on practicing koto. No matter how busy I was, I found spare time to practice till midnight.

I felt like I was mentally and physically working 74 hours a day without getting any rest.

I was just hoping my body wouldn’t break down. I kept taking vitamins to keep myself from getting sick or feeling faint before the performance.

Yet, the end was in sight. Two more days. Just two more days to go – my only hope was that my body would hang in there…. To be continued.

Koto Performance and Yoga:

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