Day 6: What, No Pain?

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_Bikram_day6.jpgRemarkably, I don’t experience any muscle soreness after the Bikram yoga session. Considering how abruptly we’re moving through the yoga postures and how extreme some of the tight holds are.

The heat has a protective effect, and especially on the joints where I would usually feel aches after doing such an intense routine. In other yoga sessions, especially the Iyengar based ones which have influenced most yoga teachers in this area, I would have felt it in my shoulders and wrists first and then in my legs by now. But considering we’re not placing any weight into these areas in Bikram style yoga as there are no down-dogs, or inverted – it makes for a much more pleasant after taste!

10 Days with Bikram Yoga

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  1. Scott Hughes says:

    That makes sense, because Yoga was developed and originally practiced under the sun in the heat of India. So, the poses were made for people who were doing it in the heat. My problem with Bikram Yoga is that he is trying to copyright it. How can you copyright religious practices that have been developed for thousands of years?!

    BTW, have I told you about yet?

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